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August 29, 2012

Soccerings of the Day 8.30.12

Current Soccer

Congrats to Brian Illoski on making it to the final 16 in the Nike Academy. Apparently Illoski impressed coming off the bench with these two goals (1:05, 1:35). I know nothing about the young Academy nor Illoski other than he competed at a relatively high intensity against players from across the globe. Nike did an mas o menos job on covering the event by giving us lots of insight that didn't really have a lot of depth. Even their own website is a little dated but at first it looks really cool.

Random Soccer

Lots of action on the European ground so naturally I'm going to zoom past all that and talk about a much more important subject: soccer cinema. I watched two films this past weekend. The first was Jay DeMerit's documentary Rise and Shine. Wow what an awesome story. I know that's really unprofessional to say but seriously wow. So cool that he knew what his dream was and pursued it until the end. I wish his passion wasn't treated as a phenomenon but instead as the standard. I suppose the problem with that is that people don't chase their goals as much because they don't know what their own goals are.

As far as the documentary went, they did a very studious job of retracing DeMerit up until his first season at Watford and then it gets very spotty. I wish they had given some more focus on the USMNT side of things, like making the cut for the World Cup roster or more coverage on his World Cup play. Especially that laaast goal we conceded. At least from his perspective. All-in-all, a really interesting story of someone chasing their dream. Light-hearted and about soccer so a clear win-win. Here's the trailer:

Also I watched this wonderfully bizarre film:

Seriously if you have 15 minutes to be completely baffled I highly recommend this film. It's entitled Muzene Hry. The plot: "A man sits down to watch a football match, which seems to consist of the players being violently mutilated in various inventive ways. The players then leave the football pitch and invade the spectator's flat"

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