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August 12, 2012

Favorite American Goals

I've been meaning to do this for a while but here are my favorite goals US Soccer goals. This technically includes all USMNT, US youth teams, and USWNT goals. But as I'm not up to date on USWNT goals they are currently absent from the list... I'll have to find a couple I have in mind and throw them on here. Or probably not because I never finish any task ever.

(98) Landon Donovan v. Algeria - 2010 - Easily the most sentimental goal. Pretty fitting that it was Donovan to finish but what if it were Dempsey? Not in the video but Howard's cannon starts this counter, btw.

(96) Nathan Smith v. Canada U17 - Every time I watch it I'm always surprised it goes in. Hope his future is as successful as this shot was.

(87) Landon Donovan v. Slovenia - 2010 - Aim for the head. How badass is that?

(86) Benny Feilhaber v Mexico - Please come back to the USMNT, Benny.

(86) Alejandro Guido v. Czech Republic - Annoyed FIFA won't let me embed this... Look how far off the goalie is from the shot. He yells at his defense but if someone is going to shoot like that... What can you do?

(85) Andrew Oliver v. Canada U17 - Does Dempsey v. Jamaica before Dempsey does it. So composed.

(85) Clint Dempsey v. Jamaica - Not as important as some of the other goals around here but still very crafty. Love the heads up play by Dempsey.

(84) DeAndre Robinson v. France U17 - The curling ball away from the goalie seals it for me. What a rip.

(84) Michael Bradley v. Slovenia - 2010 - The overshadowed goal from the game. Pretty tough to shoot a ball up with the underbelly of your shoe.

(84) Jozy Altidore v. Spain - 2009 - What a beast. Hilarious that Spain just poops their pants here.

(83) Charlie Davies v. Egypt - 2009 - What a fight to the finish. Feel kind of bad for the Egyptian goalie. Reminds me of Howard v. Mexico in the Gold Cup.

(81) Tyler Turner v. Turkey U17

(81) Junior Flores v. Turkey U17

(81) Jozy Altidore v. Guadeloupe

(80) Landon Donovan v. Brazil - 2009

(80) Clint Mathis v. South Korea - 2002

(79) Clint Dempsey v. Ghana - 2006

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