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May 30, 2012

SSTAS - Day 3 (continued)

Random photos

I ended up walking around 15 miles on Monday. I started to complain about how bad my feet hurt (they did hurt, out of fairness) then I remembered it was Memorial Day and that my grandfather got his legs amputated due to injuries he sustained in WWII.

I feel like I sure reiterate I walked through a stream to get to the practice. Got about knee high at one point

Anyway, here are my tweets from the day at the practice. YouTube videos and all. [[Post-tweet commentary in brackets.]]

-    In the longest line of my life to see the USMNT practice. Maryland loves its soccer.
[[2500 in attendance]]
-    Some of the people in line are looking to practice with the team, by the way they're dressed.
-    Close to 1000 people, surely. Didn't only 100 come out to Orlando? [[Orlando was a special secession, not open to the public. Jacksonville had around 1000 at its training.]]
-    Mother behind me to two children, "We have to be patient. It's a good lesson to learn." Dad nods silently.
-    Looks like some light fitness and finishing.

-    Bradley did this too but I love that Klinsmann plays with the players. He's suited up again. No shin guards though.
-    Across the field there is special standing area but the joke is on them as they're staring into the sun. [[They had the last laugh as they all got a ton of autographs from the players.]]
-    About 1.5 people entering per second. Gates opened around seventeen minutes ago... 1500ish?
-    One man yells U-S-A. No one joins.
-    "Why is Goodson carrying a water cooler when he played on his field??" [[More quotes from this guy later...]]
-    Mostly younger players carrying in equipment but Wondo also helping out.
-    Long "Gooch" cheer. Onyewu gives hang loose sign.
-    Man yells "CLARENCE SAY SOMETHING" after fellow Maryland alumni is interviewed but I don't think anyone understood him and were just scared. [[Edu aforementioned alum]]
-    Pretty impressive that Boyd is standing our during a warmup. Not cutting any corners. Always wanting to be better. [[out*]]
-    1500 people watching grown men jump over yellow gates.
-    Three goalies + goalie coach (name?) playing 3-on-1, five yards apart. Not shabby! [[Chris Woods. Got his autograph! Nice guy. 43 caps for England. Been working with the USMNT since last fall. Also Everton's goalkeeper coach. Seems to really enjoy what he's doing.]]
-    Guzan not a great defender but a workhorse all the same. Howard yet to be in middle. All four are smiling, enjoying the training.
-    Guzan pumps fists again on winning the ball back. Howard usually the only one playing in one touch.
-    I prefer watching goalies but the drills the field players are doing are so bizarre and fascinating.
-    Weight pulling sprints. Altidore blowing the competition away but Boyd, Wondo, and Gomez really pushing.
-    One touch passing and everyone has their style. Gomez and Dolo with fair. Castillo and Donovan being quick, efficient.
-    Close to 35 soccer balls out there. I shared seven with the HS girls this past year.
-    9 v. 9 with 2 all-time off's. Square field with two goals per team (four total).

-    Tight field but literally everyone looking good. Quick play, mostly one touch. Defenders hug edges for space but still not a lot of time.

-    Uni. Maryland coach interviewed. How he developed a winning tradition, "Starts with having respect for the game of soccer and its demands."
-    Great thing about the drill is you ant just boot it. Gotta play your way out.

-    Okay Cameron not looking great.
-    Corona with ball outside, calls for Dempsey to step, he doesn't, ball intercepted.
-    Klinsmann has a great yelling voice.
-    Goodson yells at Corona for a switch. Corona not confident (by the look of it) lays it off to Johnson who is. [[Who is confident enough to play it, to clarify.]]
-    Boy wearing an Angels hat yells at Rimando and points at his RSL jersey.
-    Last tweet solely for idiosyncrasy.
-    Two men behind me claim Howard was released by Everton, Keller plays for LA or Chivas, and "Fred-el" plays somewhere in Germany. [[Ugh]]
-    Rimando not expecting shot, Gomez rockets one high but in. Howard with a world class reflex save earlier. [[A crossing header from eight yards out. Awesome save.]]
-    Guy defends yelling "choke" after easy miss by Boyd claiming it's America. [[Yeah same guy.]]
-    Gomez tries to shoulder Johnson but Johnson holds ground, Gomez ends up on his stomach. Same guy yells "Clarence! That's a Maryland player!"
-    Guzan and Dolo goofing around. Both seem to have a good sense of humor.
-    Practice is over but Boyd still taking shots from Gomez service.
[[Here's a video of Altidore shooting. Battery was running super low at this point.]]

-    Goodson, soft spoken, tells parents over loud speakers, "Where are y'all? I'll see you later!"
-    Not sure if he said y'all, maybe you or you guys. He is from Maryland. Border state.


End of the tweets. The players were kind enough to sign autographs for the poor folk. Gosh, Klinsmann must have given out around 500 all-in-all. I didn't know how to address him when he came by. I think I just said "Coach." :{ /

Kyle Beckerman signed a couple by us. The second one is his.

Got close to Dempsey, Edu, and Goodson but no dice.

I waited around a bit longer to get Chris Woods autograph. Anyone that's going to help the USMNT goalies out is gold in my book. His isn't pictured but he scribbled "Best wishes". I thought it was very English of him. Our short exchange. (Pretty rookie of me but was on the spot.)

- "What's it like living the dream?" (Oh my...)
- *chuckled* "It's a different sort of class."
- "How long have you been doing this?"
- *paused* "August? September?" [[not positive on what specific month he said. Somewhere around these fall months. He may have said October.]]
- "You like it?"

Don't remember his answer but it was positive. Maybe next time I'll think of some legitimate questions to ask instead of winging it.

I scored two more autographs, also not pictured. One was assistant coach Martin Vasquez (who drew a squiggly line under "USA") and another was U-17 player Jorge Miranda. I only spotted him because he was wearing a warmup jersey and had a warm conversation with Coach Vasquez one-on-one. I walked up to Jorge, who was surrounded by family and friends but no one asking for an autograph, and surprised him by asking for his signature. He graciously gave it to me. I started walking away and he ran after me.

"Hey! What's your name!"
"I'm Jorge. I play for the U-17s. Are you from around the area?"
"Oh I'm actually from Dallas. Just doing some traveling."
"Cool. Well follow me on Twitter. Just mention me!"

Or it was something like that. A very nice young gentlemen. Odd to think I had seven years on him but he's ten times the player I am. Hope his soccerings go well.

I think I found him but not positive...

Walked six miles to the train station. About 250 cars passed on a grizzly-looking man asking for a ride. Huh.

I'll leave you with some random photos:

1. Testudo - University of Maryland's biggest Texas Rangers fan.
2. A cool bug.
3. Segways
4. Lady doing a hilarious Washington Monument pose.
5. WWII monument.

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