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May 28, 2012

SSTAS - Day 2, 3

Day two was pretty uneventful. Just woke up, went to the rail station, dodged a hurricane, and sat for fourteen hours. The guy next to me watching Stephen King's It, a Spanish bootleg of Battleship, and Friday. All were equally terrifying.

Left Jacksonville at 5pm on the 27th. Arrived in DC at 7am on the 28th. Wolf.

After wandering around for a bit, I decided to check off some sightseeing. Saw the Washington Monument and the WWII monument. It wasn't until I stepped off the trail that I figured out it was Memorial Day, most likely because the cabin was kept at a chill 60 degrees and I was still defrosting.

I took the Metro up to College Park. Well, around the area of College Park. The place they dropped us off was about five miles way from the field and since it was a holiday the bus option was not. So I just decided to walk it instead of dealing with a cab.

After the hour trek, which involved me naively believing a shortcut through brush and a river was a good idea, my soaked shoes and I arrived at the University of Maryland's Biology building where they graciously left a door open for me to squeeze through.

And here I am. Jorts still soaked from the river with shoes drying by the door. I'm trying to type as quietly as I can so Mr. Biologyman doesn't kick me out. Although I am about to leave to see the team practice anyway.

Needless to say, I put the most effort to get to this practice out of anyone in the world.

Looking at Chester, PA tomorrow for the US Open Cup game. (What is hygiene?)

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