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April 13, 2012

NCAA Soccer 2011-2003

In attempt to find the accoladest NCAA D1 men's soccer program I went back through some Wikipedia pages and blah blah blah came up with these numbers:

TP - Total Points (RP + SP)
RP - Round Points (1 point for every round the school advanced in the end of the year tourny)
SP - Seed Points ('x' points for their respective seed. [seed]/16*7 = SP; 16 seeds in all; If no seed then zero points)
DIFF - Difference in RP/SP; this should be pretty close

Out to the right is every school's performance from 2011-2003. The first column under the year indicates how many rounds they reached (7 - Champion; 6 - Runner-up...) and the second column is the pre-tournament rank. Since 2003 NCAA has seeded the top 16 teams with byes while the other 32 chump teams have to play the first round.

The most a school could get in a year would be 14 points. 7 for the championship and 7 for being seeded #1 going into the tournament, which UNC did this last year.

Again, this latest format has been instituted since 2003, which is convenient because that's about when I got tired of entering in the information. They've apparently bounced around with first round byes for a while but they have settled on this for some time.


  • More impressive than Maryland blowing the competition out of the water is that the 1-20 is larger than I would have thought. Sure, Maryland is up 15 points on second place, and for good reason, but there are only 15 other schools that have accomplished a third of what Maryland has. It's like women's basketball for goodness sakes.

  • The seed points and round points are pretty close. In fact the champion has been seeded at least third for seven out of the last nine years. UC Santa Barb has the biggest difference with a +20, meaning they really exceeded the seeders' (whoever is seeding these teams) expectations.
  • I started to sort by conference then got really bored by that.
  • Once 1960s-powerhouse St. Louis is at a respectable 28th.
  • 34th Dartmouth has made the tournament the past five years from the Ivy League.
  • Maryland, Indiana, UCLA, Virginia, Connecticut, and Duke have all made the tournament since 2003.
  • Akron was pretty decent before Caleb Porter arrived. An Elite Eight finish the year before and a Sweet Sixteen appearance two years before that. Not saying he's overrated by any stretch, just an interesting thought.

"Funny thing, the Old Bridge used to be called the 'New Bridge.' Yeah, bit a funny thing..."

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