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November 15, 2011

USA vs Slovenia: Recap, Ratings, and Stats

The USMNT ended their scoring drought by finding the back of the net three times with goals from Edson Buddle, Clint Dempsey, and Jozy Altidore. The Americans fought through the foggy mist to gain a 3-1 lead at halftime with several players helping in the offense but had a hard time controlling the crafty Tim Matavž on the other side of the field. The game ended in Klinsmann's second win for the team but provides a nice spring board for 2012.

The game also marked Carlos Bocanegra's 100th cap with the senior squad, tying him tenth all-time with the team and is only thirteen appearances away from becoming fifth overall, leapfrogging legends Kasey Keller (102), Eric Wynalda (106) , and Claudio Reyna (112). If Bocanegra finishes through the next World Cup cycle, a strong possibility, he could finish close to third all-time. Jozy Altidore (45) and Juan Agudelo (15) stand a good chance at finishing in the top five as well being only 22 and 18 at the moment.

A video including an interview with Bocanegra on the achievement can be found here.

Subjective Point Graphs

First Half

USA - 69.77
Slovenia - 46.93

Second Half

USA - 27.97
Slovenia - 99.03

Full Game

USA - 97.73
Slovenia - 145.97

Momentum Graphs

First Half


USA - 24.4
Slovenia - 6.7
none - 68.9

GG Rating - 66.7

Second Half


USA - 0
Slovenia - 35.6
none - 64.4

Final Dominance

USA - 12.2
Slovenia - 21.1
none - 66.7


***Example Category***
Team - Chance…Threat Rate/100
Team - Chance…Threat Rate/100

First Half

USA - 30…26.5
Slovenia - 28…19.6

USA - 32…33.4
Slovenia - 34…17.9

USA - 9…56.7
Slovenia - 7…52.9

Second Half

USA - 27…13.9
Slovenia - 59…19.5

USA - 29…17
Slovenia - 64…21.3

USA - 6…24
Slovenia - 13…58.5


USA - 57…20.5
Slovenia - 87…19.5

USA - 61…25.6
Slovenia - 98…20.2

USA - 15…43.6
Slovenia - 20…56.5

Player Ratings

+7 - Dempsey - (11…9/2…90') - Typical aggressive energy and professionalism from Dempsey. Looks like getting Donovan and Dempsey on the field at the same time under Klinsmann will take some time...

+5.5 - Altidore - (10.5…8/2.5…90') - Incredibly encouraging to see him moving off the ball, playing defense, and looking to find runners over the top.

+5 - Buddle - (9…7/2…78') - Goal aside, where has Buddle been? Creative all over the field and the goal was enough luck to wow at but not enough to doubt the ability.

+5 - Howard - (7…6/1…90') - The goals were put into the corners but he was lucky to not find another goal bounce off his back from a post shot from Matavž. Another solid game Howard.

+3 - Cherundolo - (9…6/3…90') - Looked a step quicker than usual, which was encouraging, but lost shape a couple times defensively. The entire back line needs shape but Dolo is the least of their worries.

+2 - Bradley - (9…5.5/3.5…90') - Great to have him back in the middle of the field but I'm not as complimentary as others. First half he inserted himself over the field but in the second half he disappeared for too long.

+2 - Johnson - (6…4/2…61') - An early strike that really tested the goalkeeper. His willingness to work provided an encouraging game from the outside mid.

+1 - Bocanegra - (9…5/4…90') - The century-capped captain has consistently had concern with being on the complimentary pages with his counter center back. Alliterations aside, his aggressiveness breaks the back too much. What the solution is up for debate (help with the midfield, toning down his activeness, formation change...) but it's cause for attention.

+0.5 - Chandler - (8.5…4.5/4…82') - Got subbed out for another knock from moving up the field to hard. He has got to funnel his aggressiveness into

+0.5 - Shea - (2.5…1.5/1…29') - A late sub for Johnson. Still not as aware as I'd like to be on service but countered well against a pushing Slovenia team.

+0.5 - Williams - (0.5…0.5/0…8') - Late sub. Helped with the defense.

+0 - Edu - (1…0.5/0.5…12') - Late sub and the fog made it impossible to see what he did except for one shot so we'll give him an even rating to be safe.

+0 - Rogers - (0…0/0…0') - The go-getter and Klinnsman-favorite earned his understated 18th cap.

+0 - Jones - (0…0/0…0') - Definitely stalled time with his sub-in...

-1 - Beckerman - (8…3.5/4.5…90') - His value drops when he's off the ball with his defensive shape being so shakey. Slipped on his lone shot and looked silly doing so.

-1 - Goodson - (9…4/5…90') - Last of the least but not without optimism. Playing alongside Bocanegra is tough to say the least and Matavž was likely the hardest challenge for Goodson in all of 2011.


I'm not jumping from complaining about offensive woes to defensive woes but the defense still looks suspect, which has always been a concern dating back to and before USA's 4-2 loss to Mexico in the Gold Cup this summer. The numbers are heavily in Slovenia's favor in passing and possession for a good reason and with an aging and constantly changing back line, USA needs to figure it out fast. Up top, things are starting to progress and after five games with one goal, that's something to be excited about.

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