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June 23, 2011

USA vs Guadeloupe: Recap, Ratings, and Stats

USA couldn't improve their spot in the group with a win but would have fallen out of second place had they loss. Worries were put to rest with Altidore's strike from distance in the ninth minute for the ultimate game winner.

Guadeloupe had trouble serving the ball into the oversized American defense and their lack of fitness became apparent quickly. Defensively the Guadeloupeans held their own for as much as they could. Goalie Franck Grandel reacted a tad slow on the goal but made some other saves that kept the game at 1-0.

Player Ratings

Clint Dempsey - (13...8.5/4.5) - People want to trash Dempsey's lack of finishing but he's really the only American getting in the position to make those mistakes. No one gets this close to scoring multiple times and doesn't eventually start finding the back of the net consistently. And we know Dempsey's history, especially this last year. Nothing to be worried about but definitely room for improvement.

Eric Lichaj - (11...8.5/2.5) - My favorite aspect of Lichaj's play is how he forcibly interjects himself into the game. A lot of players have the mindset of "Just don't mess up," but Lichaj is aggressively up and down the field. Continuation of his successful play (and perhaps a little patience) and he may lock up the LB position yet.

Steve Cherundolo - (10...7.5/2.5) - Much improved on both sides of the field. I was actually excited when I saw him with the ball this game unlike vs. Panama ("Oh no not again...").

Jermaine Jones - (10...7.5/2.5) - His best game on off-the-ball defending. Great positioning. His aggressiveness sets a great tone for the rest of the team.

Jozy Altidore - (9.5...7/2.5) - The king of drawing fouls moved so much better off the ball. Goal aside, although it was probably his best goal ever, he still needs to get his feet moving more but he did well this game. Something to build off of for sure.

Michael Bradley - (9...7.5/1.5) - Stopped so many counters by reading the Guadeloupeans passes and jump started the offense.

Landon Donovan - (9...6/3) - Wasn't too excited to see Donovan hesitate on some shots from distance. Yes the defense was shaky and your teammates were making good runs, but take a shot from 20 out if you're lined up well. Your service will be negated if they're always looking for you to pass first. Although his free kicks and crosses are improving greatly.

Carlos Bocanegra - (7.5...5.5/2) - Shut down the opposing offense well.

Clarence Goodson - (6.5...4.5/2) - Same as Bocanegra, but less chances on ball.

Chris Wondolowski - (5...3.5 /1.5) - I understand the disappointment from the lack of goals but he's not the only American not scoring right now. He's undersized but I would argue he's the hardest worker on the field at the moment. He has a decent touch and good vision. Unfortunately, he's 28 and his time is running out. If this is his prime then his time is definitely running out fast.

Tim Howard - (4.5...4.5/0) - Couldn't ask for more.

Alejandro Bedoya - (3...2.5/0.5) - Exciting to watch.

Sacha Kljestan - (1.5...1/0.5) - Also exciting.

Maurice Edu - (0.5...0.5 /0.0) - Nice to know Bradley hasn't given up on the 25 year old.

Game Stats

Subjective Point Graphs

First Half

USA - 73.57
Guadeloupe - 12.43

Second Half

USA - 70.73
Guadeloupe - 5.23


USA - 143.30
Guadeloupe - 17.66

Momentum Graphs

First Half Dominance
USA - 76
Guadeloupe - 0
None - 24

Second Half Dominance
USA - 71
Guadeloupe - 0
None - 29

USA - 73
Guadeloupe - 0
None - 27

GG Rating - 64/100


***Example Category***
Team - Chances...Threat Rate/100
Team - Chances...Threat Rate/100

First Half
USA - 37...20.3
Guadeloupe - 15...9.1

USA - 44...21.3
Guadeloupe - 17...10.6

USA - 13...50.6
Guadeloupe - ...24.5

Second Half
USA - 52...16.2
Guadeloupe - 17...3.1

USA - 46...20.0
Guadeloupe - 24...6.0

USA - 9...60.7
Guadeloupe - 2...11.0

USA - 89...17.9
Guadeloupe - 32...5.9

USA - 90...20.6
Guadeloupe - 41...7.9

USA - 22...54.7
Guadeloupe - 6...20.0


If people are only going to look at the scoreline then yes the Americans underperformed. However if you were to watch what is unfolding with the team then you'd be rather happy. While Guadeloupe isn't the strongest of opponents, US is creating tons of chances to score and shutting down offenses, admittedly with cracks along the way. The outcry sounds a lot like England's constant desire to do better, which I'm in full support of doing better but let's not make it sound like the USMNT is just waiting to get pounded by another CONCACAF opponent.

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