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May 29, 2011

YNTs Follow-Up

U-18s - Poor reporting for the mens youth teams in a variety of humorous ways. First, US Soccer's own website hasn't fully reported on the U-18s in the Lisbon International Tournament (they were supposed to play Finland for their third and final game yesterday). What we do know is that they tied with the Netherlands 1-1 and then lost to host Portugal 1-0. Another hilarious/disappointing miscue is FC Dallas' wrongly attributing the goal to Luis Gill or... was it Luis Rendon, as mentioned on the first link... either way neither source is all that trustworthy.

The U-18s will play in the Northern Ireland Milk Cup, which takes place in late July. On the 25th they face Israel then two days later they'll meet familiar Mexico. Looking at other teams in race for the cup (Denmark, Northern Ireland, and Georgia) this isn't that prestigious of a cup and seems to be more targeted towards the club part of it. Regardless, the U-18s are getting games in and we're always happy to see that.

Luis Rendon won Gatorade Player of the Year. You can get to know him here. Good to see a more personal side to players whose only other interaction we have is watching them on a pitch. Somewhat disappointing they didn't have any actual game film on him though.

U-17s - World Cup starts in three weeks for them.

U-15s - Literally the day after I wrote that they went missing. USA found the boys. Apparently they were just playing soccer games and (I guess) got a little sidetracked from telling their parents how they did. They split the two game series with a win and a loss against Croatia.

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